Luffy Gear 5 – Will It Happen in Wano?

Luffy Gear 5 – Will It Happen in Wano?
Luffy Gear 5 – Will It Happen in Wano?

In the One Piece manga series which is currently at the Wano arc, Luffy has been defeated two times consecutively by Kaido. Even though he was looking promising with CoC-infused attacks, it wasn’t enough to beat one of the four emperors. Now at the bottom of the sea, Luffy has to come up with something unimaginable to stand a chance against Kaido.

Many fans are now expecting the long-awaited introduction of gear 5. It may be the perfect time for Oda to bring out the latest weapon in the arsenal of the protagonist. But a question looms, will it be enough to defeat Kaido or will he need something more?

Why Luffy Gear 5 is Possible in Wano?

Why Luffy Gear 5 is Possible in Wano?

Luffy has tried almost everything against Kaido. He used all of his forms, Ryou as well as newly learned CoC-infused attacks. However, there was much to be desired. It’s still not enough. Considering Kaido’s strength, Luffy will require something magnanimous to deliver a decisive blow. It’s almost imminent that he will use gear 5. To defeat Kaido, Luffy will need to use all means necessary and that will include the 5th gear of the protagonist.

What Luffy Gear 5 Will Be?

Some interesting theories have been going around for a while regarding Luffy’s gear 5 form. Will it shrink him? Will it inflate his size tenfold? Will it change his body structure? There are a lot of questions.

If we take a look at the previous gears of Luffy, they’ve substantially increased his strength and speed. While gear 5 integrated those elements with Haki. In one the of recent chapters, Luffy used Ryou along with gear which eliminates the possibility of Gear 5 being infused with advanced Armament Haki.

Luffy Using Gear 4

Will it Have CoC?

Now, this is certainly a possibility. When Luffy was fighting Kaido using CoC, he was still in his base form. Maybe he can’t yet infuse it in his gears. So when Gear 5 becomes a thing, it may be an infusion of CoC along with enhanced strength and speed.

This probably the most likely speculation. Fans were discussing why Oda didn’t bring out Gear 4 while Luffy was fighting Kaido on the rooftop. This right here could very well be the reason for that.

What Part Will He Inflate?

Another consistency noticed in Luffy’s gears is the parts of his body he inflates for each gear. In Gear 2, he does it with blood, in Gear 3, he inflates his bones, and Gear 4 with the muscles. Fans speculate the Gear 5 will feature his skin or muscles. But it is difficult to see what kind of effect it will have on his body.

Another fan theory suggests that Gear 5 will have Luffy’s devil fruit awakening. Now, this is an interesting take because awakening differs from the general usage of devil fruits. Also, what can do in the awakened form? So far we’ve seen that awakened devil fruit users can change their surroundings. But it’s difficult to see how Luffy’s devil fruit will change the environment.

Luffy vs Kaido May See Introduction of Gear 5

Can We Expect Gear 6?

Oda has made it clear that Kaido is almost impossible to defeat. So even if Luffy acquires the 5th gear, it doesn’t guarantee a certain victory. Furthermore, Kaido might be the strongest opponent he will ever face. And if he does defeat him using only Gear 5 and later on uses Gear 6 on someone like Blackbeard, it will downplay Kaido’s strength.

It will be anticipating to see how Oda approaches the final battle between Luffy and Kaido. Will he win or get knocked down? We will find it in this arc.

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