Luffy Devil Fruit – What’s In It?

Luffy Devil Fruit – What’s In It?
Luffy Devil Fruit – What’s In It?

One Piece chapter 1017 threw one of the biggest curveballs that Eiichiro Oda has delivered so far. He revealed that Luffy’s seemingly useless devil fruit, Gomu Gomu no Mi holds a lot of importance. In the latest chapter, Who’s Who revealed that he was once part of the CP9. However, because he was unable to guard Luffy devil fruit, the government threw him away.

This raises a lot of questions. Fans of the series are already coming up with mind-boggling theories. But as usual, Oda will give us something unimaginable however highly logical. Wano arc so far has been fantastic and this latest revelation has even elevated it. So what makes Luffy’s fruit so important that even the government wanted to secure it? Let’s find out.

Luffy Devil Fruit – What’s In It?

Chapter One

To dig deep into this, we first need to visit the very first chapter where we discovered this devil fruit for the first time. It’s crazy how a reveal is connected to a chapter released 22 years ago. Fans have observed that Oda had already planted seeds related to Luffy’s devil fruit back in the first chapter. Who’s Who specifically said that the fruit was taken by the enemy.

In the first chapter, Lucky Rou says that Luffy had eaten the fruit that they stole from the enemy ship. Now it’s interesting because the Shanks crew could very well be the group that stole the fruit from CP9. But the question is why? Rou’s Vivre Card reveals that he wanted to eat this devil fruit, but he didn’t until Luffy ate it.

Why were they protecting it? Why did the government want to secure this fruit? There are lots of questions but very few answers. So what does the fandom think about this crazy reveal? Let’s check out some of the popular theories going around related to this devil fruit.

Countering Quake Quake Fruit

One of the theories suggests that it is a natural counter to Quack Quack fruit. It was often dubbed that Whitebeard had the power to destroy the world using this fruit. Since rubber is used for damping the effects of Quack, it makes sense that Gomu Gomu no Mi would be its natural counter. But the way we’ve seen Luffy use it, at most he can only protect his body against quakes. But who knows if he could awaken the fruit, he can influence the surroundings.

Countering Quake Quake Fruit

Lightening Island

There’s an island that people are unable to visit because it constantly gets bombarded with lightning. Fans suggest that there could be some crucial information related to One Piece. To reach that island, you must possess Gomu Gomu no Mi. This could be the reason why World Government so preciously wanted to protect the fruit. If it had fallen into anyone’s possession, they would’ve been able to visit the island.

It is JoyBoy’s Fruit

Another theory suggests that this fruit was at some point possessed by JoyBoy. Maybe that’s why the government doesn’t want anyone else to eat it. Few people also theorize that Roger may have eaten this fruit. However, the possibility of it is very thin. If that was the case, people related to Roger would’ve already mentioned it to Luffy.

Xebec Could Be Previous User

Xebec could also be the processor of this fruit. It also makes much sense because his existence has been erased from history. So even if people don’t know the significance of Gomu Gomu no Mi it could be because they’ve aren’t even aware of Xebec’s existence.

What do you think is the secret related to Luffy’s fruit? Comment your theories and thoughts down below. For more One Piece content, make sure to follow us on social media.

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