Lucy Liu on Having a Baby in Her 40s: “I Didn’t Have a Plan”

Lucy Liu on Having a Baby in Her 40s: "I Didn't Have a Plan"

Lucy Liu claims she had no intentions when she decided to become a single parent in her forties.

In an interview with The Cut published on Thursday, the Shazam! Fury of the Gods actress said that her 2015 birth of son Rockwell, now 7 years old, was mostly unplanned.

“I was without a plan. I simply thought, ‘I’d want to alter the discussion a little,’ “She revealed to the outlet. “I didn’t give it much thought. I did not conduct an extensive investigation; I simply pulled the trigger.”

“I can easily reason my way out of a situation,” she added. “If I overthink things, I won’t do it. It is preferable for me to feel something and then act on it. Several individuals read books on parenting. I did none of those things. I was thinking, “When the baby arrives, I’ll work it out.”

Lucy Liu on Having a Baby in Her 40s: "I Didn't Have a Plan"

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Liu also explained why she enjoys the “experience” of raising her child in an urban atmosphere.

“I absolutely desired to raise a child in New York,” she said. People will say, ‘It’s inconvenient, you don’t even have a car,’ yet they will see everything this way.

Liu continued, “You will demonstrate what is safe and what is not, and kids will learn this through experience.” “While always in a car, it is difficult to develop common sense. They will perceive the odors.”

Liu told PEOPLE in 2015 that surrogacy “simply seemed like the appropriate option for me because I was working and didn’t know when I would be able to stop.”

She continued, “I figured it was probably the best course of action for me, and it worked out well.”

Liu mentioned becoming a mother in January “That is a significant adjustment because it is an emotional choice. And even once that occurs, you cannot predict what will occur next.

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