Love Victor Season 2: Released Date, Cast, Plot, and Many Updates You Need to Know

love victor season 2

Love, Victor is an American teen comedic drama streaming television series produced by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, based on the 2018 film Love, Simon, and set in the same universe. Hulu launched the series on June 17, 2020. Aptaker and Berger serve as showrunners for 20th Television, which produces the show.

Along with George Sear, Rachel Hilson, Bebe Wood, Anthony Turpel, Isabella Ferreira, Ana Ortiz, James Martinez, Mason Gooding, and Mateo Fernandez, Michael Cimino plays Victor, an adolescent from a half-Puerto Rican, half-Colombian-American family living in Atlanta. The series is produced and narrated by Nick Robinson, who played the titular Simon in the original film. On June 11, 2021, the second season premiered. [1] The sitcom was renewed for a third and final season in July 2021, with a launch date of June 15, 2022.


love victor season 2

Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School, is the subject of the first season. The series covers his self-discovery journey, which includes obstacles at home and struggles with his sexual orientation. When navigating high school becomes too tough for him, he turns to Simon for help.

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The second season follows Victor as he navigates through this new environment with his pals, while also coping with his relationship with Benji, which is put to the test several times, thanks to Victor’s family and a new potential love interest.

When will the second season of Love, Victor premiere on Hulu?

The second season of Love, Victor will premiere on Star on Disney Plus on Friday, June 18th.

The series, like other Star originals, will release new episodes weekly, putting UK consumers behind our American counterparts, who will be able to binge-watch all 10 episodes starting June 11th on Hulu — beware of spoilers!

The first season of Love, Victor premiered in June 2020, and the program was renewed for a second season barely two months later after receiving positive reviews from both fans and reviewers.

 love Victor Cast

love victor season 2

Michael Cimino plays the main character, a high school student who travels with his family from Texas to Atlanta while quietly battling issues about his sexuality.

He starts dating Mia, a sweet and clever student played by Rachel Hilson from This Is Us, in the hopes of burying these troubling thoughts, but the relationship ultimately ends in catastrophe when he falls for openly homosexual heartthrob Benji.

Benji is played by George Sear (Alex Rider), a super-cool high schooler who has been out of the closet for a long time. He works at the college coffee shop during the day and plays in a band in the evenings — he’s the total deal!

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Bebe Wood (The Real O’Neals) and Anthony Turpel (The Bold and the Beautiful) star as social media savvy Lake Meriwether and endearingly goofy Felix Westen, who both reside in the same building as Victor, in Love, Victor.

Victor’s diligent parents Armando and Isabel are played by James Martinez (One Day At A Time) and Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty), respectively, while Creekwood’s great basketball player Andrew is played by Mason Gooding (Booksmart).

Nick Robinson, who narrates Simon’s words of encouragement to Victor, and Keiynan Lonsdale, who plays on-screen boyfriend Bram Greenfeld, made guest cameos in Season 1 of Love, Simon.

What Does Moving Forward Imply?

love victor season 2

In Season 3, Victor’s journey might go in a variety of routes depending on whatever person he chooses. Will he be able to keep friends with those he didn’t pick? Is it possible that George Sear or Anthony Keyvan may be dropped from the series? We’ll have to wait and see.

Victor, like most fans, I believe, selected Benji. Those two are a perfect match. Victor and Benji are emotionally mature teens, and Michael Cimino and George Sear have crafted one of the most beautiful love partnerships I’ve ever seen on television. The way they express themselves and work through conflicts is so healthy, and it’s a positive indicator that they’ll be able to reconcile in the future. Of course, having stronger feelings for another person is impossible to reconcile, but because Victor refused to date Rahim before the wedding, I believe our favorite pair is secure.

Fans have been rewatching the closing scene several times, comparing the setting to prior sequences at Benji’s house and hunting for hints in Victor’s path. Even if we believe we know, showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger explain that no matter how much we hunt, we don’t. They told Entertainment Weekly the following.

Season 2 trailer for Love, Victor

The first official trailer for Love, Victor season two was published by Hulu in May 2021, and it teases a whirlwind romance for the titular character and lover Benji, as well as family conflict as Victor’s parents react to his coming out.

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Things are also challenging for Felix, the oddball buddy who is in serious financial difficulty as his mother (Breaking Bad actress Betsy Brandt) tries to cope with her failing mental health.