Who Is Still Together from Season 4 of Love Island USA?

love island usa couples still together

One of the most-watched dating reality shows in 2022 was Love Island USA Season 4. The serial differentiated from the rest because it moved to Peacock and, as the streamer claimed, was “steamier.”

Fans of the show remember various scenes that made them feel a little self-conscious. As a result of these moments and the ensuing couple turmoil, Love Island USA has become Peacock’s most-watched unscripted original series.

Now that it’s been a few months since the season 4 reunion aired, fans are wondering which couples from the show proved their love could persist outside of the spotlight. Oh, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered there, too.

The Status of The Couples on Love Island USA for Season 4 Is Detailed Below

As for Isaiah and Sydney

It might be argued that out of all the couples in Season 4, Isaiah and Sydney had the most difficult relationship. The drama surrounding Casa Amor was a major roadblock in their courtship. Nevertheless, they overcome the setback and ended their stay on the island as runners-up. Having declared their love for one another, they would argue that they came out on top.

In any case, we are happy to report that #Sydsaih (or #Idney) is still going strong, for the benefit of their many followers. It appears they are very much in love, based on their respective Instagram accounts. Just see what Isaiah’s page looks like for yourself.

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Youngster and Zeta

Without a doubt, Timmy and Zeta were season 4’s most beloved couple. The viewers of the show noticed right away that the two had great chemistry and a distinct banter that was unequaled by any other couple on the show. Timmy and Zeta’s bond was so strong that they were chosen as the winning couple even after Bria and Jeff arrived on the island and threatened to derail #Zimmy.

Fans of the show can relax since they are still together. Both of them post about the other on Instagram, and they’re treating Love Island USA viewers to a special treat on YouTube by rewatching episodes of their season and expressing their thoughts on them.

It’s Jeff and Nadjha

The romance between Jeff and Nadjha fizzled out before the other three pairs were announced. Although they had a good chance of making it to the final two, their relationship suffered greatly once the group was eliminated. Despite their breakup, the couple was seen posting a few photos of themselves together on social media after filming wrapped. Some fans even speculated that they were dating after Season 4.

They used to date, but now they’re just close pals. A new man in Nadjha’s life has emerged as a surprising turn of events. Browse the Instagram post for proof.

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Both Chad and Phoebe

There were definitely some awkward moments for the audience as Chad and Phoebe got to know each other. Phoebe was a huge roadblock in the romance between Sydney and Isaiah before she ended up with Chad, and she even tried to go around her friend Bella to get close to Chazz. In contrast, Chad dumped fan favorite Courtney and scuttled his budding affair with Mackenzie before meeting Phoebe.

Despite their best efforts, it appears that fate had other plans for them. Phoebe acknowledged their separation in a September Instagram story but stressed that they were still on good terms.

Relationship Goals: Jared and Kat

When compared to the other couples on this list, Jared and Kat spent the least amount of time together actually appearing on screen. As soon as they knew they were in love with one other, they began making preparations to leave the island. But after leaving the competition, the couple declared they were still dating during the reunion.

Theirs was a tragically brief romance. Kat revealed the breakup with Jared on her Instagram story in September so that each person could focus on their own lives.

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