LOVE AFTER LOCKUPs Michael Simmons Arrested For CHILD ABUSE!!

second week will be your premiere of this new period of WE television’s Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup. And MTO News will affirm that among this show’s stars goes back behind bars, about which rapper to be quite serious charges.

Michael Simmons, that had been famously a part of a romance with Sarah and Megan at Love Following Lockup Season two, was arrested this weekend in Florida. Michael and Sarah collectively, Aviahna. It isn’t clear if she had been the kid that Michael currently faces charges over.

Based on court documents, Michael was detained in Daytona Beach on Thursday evening and charged with felony child neglect. This fee is really a third-degree Legislation and carries a prison sentence of as many as five decades, along with a fine of around 5,000.

The prison records reveal that Michael was reserved in prison at midnight Friday, November 13 and he published a $2,500 bond and was released Friday morning.

This is your definition of child neglect in Florida:

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1. ) A caregiver’s failure or omission to offer a child with all the care, supervision, and services required to keep the child’s bodily and psychological wellbeing, such as, but not restricted to, meals, nourishment, clothing, shelter, supervision, medication, and health care services that a prudent person would consider necessary for your well-being of your kid; or

2. A physician’s failure to make a reasonable attempt to guard a child against abuse, neglect, or exploitation by someone else.


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