Love After Lockup Heather Claims Fiancé Dylan Was ‘TURNED OUT GAY’ In Prison!!

Love After Lockup Heather Claims Fiancé Dylan Was 'TURNED OUT GAY' In Prison!!

This year’s Love After Lockup only got WAY more intriguing. Among the few – Heather and Dylan are trending on interpersonal networking, MTO News has heard.

Heather and Dylan dated for five years until he had been released from prison. ) Throughout this moment, Heather dropped entirely and completely in love with Dylan, so much so that she got his name tattooed in three distinct areas and in a number of languages. 

Here is them about the series:

She got a”Mrs. Smith” tattoo on her hands, signs of her assurance that she would finally marry Mr. Dylan Smith.


Well today MTO News has discovered that Heather desires out and she asserts that it is since Dylan is GAY. She asserts that he had been”was” from prison.

Both recently divide and Heather is creating some EXPLOSIVE allegations from Dylan. MTO News discovered that she asserts Dylan’s abused her throughout their connection – Ain addition to being covertly”homosexual”

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To start with, MTO News affirms that Dylan was detained 34 occasions – therefore that he spent quite a little time in jail – to get medication and governmental fees.

Heather published a movie on IG she asserts reveals Dylan admitting to abusing her.

Subsequently she dropped another bombshell – asserting Dylan is secretly homosexual.

She composed:

“Dylan is homosexual.

He’d NUMEROUS relationships with different men and women after telling me that he had been inquisitive I later discovered he wasn’t interested but instead HIGHLY experienced coercion and really is a sexual predator”

Afterwards she suggested the Dylan first started with homosexual relations while in jail.

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