Look Back in Kim Kardashian’s Most Iconic KUWTK Seconds Ever!

Truth be told, there are no Keeping Up With the Kardashians if it were not for Kim Kardashian! )

The businesswoman and societal networking influencer was a permanent fixture on television displays everywhere as 2007, and whether it is heartbreaking the hit series will likely finish in 2021 following seasons 19 and 20, there is no better time to return in all Kim’s most iconic moments over the series. 

Oh, and to not mention, now is Kim’s 40th birthday! )

Despite this landmark event, we are reminiscing on what in time Kim threw Kris Jenner‘s mobile phone on the balconyand then issued among the very meme-worthy phrases ,”It is exactly what she recalls,”–into each one of Kim’s epic crying faces which her sister Kourtney Kardashian likes to tease her around.

Obviously, there is no denying both iconic moments such as Kim’s selfie sesh although Khloe Kardashian was about the best way to prison, or even the Bora Bora earring episode.

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