Long-tail keywords bring 10x conversion rate – Everything explained

In this article, we will explain the technical SEO used to get a 10x conversation rate by using long-tail keywords and a lower bounce rate

What is a Keyword?

A Keyword is nothing but a word of great significance.
But for a technical SEO expert, a keyword is a phrase for which they have to rank #1 in Google search.

Today everyone wants #1 ranking in Google search and that why everyone can’t get it due to heavy competition and makes it more complicated. Here comes Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Keyword Research:

We assume a keyword “WhatsApp app” here. If a user searches this keyword then Google will show tonnes of search results for this phrase.

Google will show you mixed search results like:

WhatsApp download
WhatsApp for web
WhatsApp twitter
And more related searches like
How to download WhatsApp app?

How to install the WhatsApp app?
etc etc…

So here are multiple keywords in this single keyword.

long tail keyword


Now, look for some little more specific keyword like if a user searches “WhatsApp download”.

Here Google will reform its search results and show only websites that offer Whatsapp app downloading. And remove other related search websites like WhatsApp news, WhatsApp twitter, etc.

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And here poisblity increases that if user comes then the download conversion will be achieved. But here are some more caches. that we will explain at the end of the article.

Long tail keywords

Now, look into exact long-tail keywords. Suppose if a user searches for “WhatsApp latest version download for Android”.

Here Google search comes into action and reflects only search results that offer the latest version of WhatsApp app to download for Androids. And removes other related results like WhatsApp download, WhatsApp older version, WhatsApp for IOS, WhatsApp twitter, etc… And this was the exception during recent search i.e. WhatsApp download.

At this search, the resulting possibility increases up to 10 times that if the user lands on your latest version WhatsApp app download page for Android then surely clicks on the download button.

So we can see that long-tail keywords brings 10x conversion rates and lower bounce rate because if the user finds the exact result then no more searches or bounces required.

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