LOL! Dr. 90210 Patient Sings Concerning His Sagging Breasts & Tummy

LOL! Dr. 90210 Patient Sings About His Sagging Breasts & Tummy

Terrence gets dropped the weight, he would like to shed all his extra skin.

inside this trailer from Monday, Oct. 19’s newest episode of Dr. 90210, individual Terrence includes an appointment with Dr. Suzanne Quardt on his sagging breasts and tummy after major weight reduction.

“Each of the skin gets into the way,” he informs Dr. Q before adding,”Each time that I view myself at the mirror, I sing a tune.”

If Dr. Q asks that tune, Terrence begins singing,”Does your titties hang low, do they float to a toe? Would you tie them into a knot…”

Following a fantastic laugh,” Terrence asks that the plastic surgeon to”lift up those claws so I could eventually have a true man’s torso.”

However, Terrence’s chest is not the sole problem spot. He have a good deal of surplus skin. “It is only saggy and it is hanging and it disturbs me,” she shares. “I’ve a good deal of streth marks around my entire body ”

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