Lizzo Struts Her Solution into the Ballot Box, Twerks Following Voting

Lizzo Struts Her Way to the Ballot Box, Twerks After Voting
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Lizzo has voted… and That She REALLY made it count.

The singer filed her ballot for its 2020 election in West Hollywood, and she even made her presence felt… by strutting her solution into the dropbox in an American flag tank top, white booty shorts along with glittery gold boots.

It appears like the contemporary Miss Liberty conveys a Maison Margiela foldover patent-leather clutch, also. Naturally.

Lizzo’s scored her voting vid using just a little ditty on it being”moment to vote”… something a few stars have been encouraging recently.

Contrary to Chris Rock, Chelsea Handler, Mark Ruffalo, Sarah Silverman and Lil Dicky, Lizzo did not get nude because of the voting deadline… but she made it hot with some celebratory twerking.

She states that is the next time she is voted in her lifetime, and she thinks”that is the start of earning voting ACCESSIBLE and FAIR so this nation reflects its individuals.”

Lizzo also thanks all of the activists out there working hard to be certain men and women have the ability to practice their right to vote,”so that we could contact the fantastic struggle for true independence and justice for ALL.”

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