Lizzo Dresses Up as the Fly on Mike Pence’s Head for Halloween!

Lizzo is dressing up as a viral meme for Halloween!

On Friday (October 30) the 32-year-old “Good as Hell” singer took to her Instagram to show off her Halloween costume.

For her costume, Lizzo dressed up as the fly that was stuck on Mike Pence‘s head during the Vice Presidential debate earlier this month.

“FLYYYYY AF ! 😎 #halloween2020,” Lizzo captioned the post. She also shared an edited post of herself in costume while on top of Pence‘s head, replacing the real fly.

During the debate, celebs couldn’t stop talking and joking about the fly – which was on Pence‘s head for over two minutes. Even Joe Biden got in on the jokes!

See how Saturday Night Live tackled the fly in their sketch after the debate.

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