Living and dealing with depression

living and coping with depression


There is a Lost Draft edition of me somewhere in another reality. A variant of me never fulfilled Depression. A variant of me never materialised since I did. I’d love to meet this woman. To check whether she is all of the things that I wish I had been, but’m unable of being. To check whether she is somebody who carried the burden of her ancient possible and wore it well. To check if she was able to do a thing with her life making her family pleased. To check if she managedto do anything with her existence whatsoever.

Can she fall in love? Get married? Have kids? A successful career? She is a dream. I dream about her now. Sometimes I pretend I’m her. She is the character I clumsily attempt and project into the entire world.

The woman who is not scaling a sheer cliff face, constantly minutes from falling, whilst everybody around her walks easily onto flat floor. The woman who does not reside inside her bedroom at an infinite feedback loop of sleep and wakefulness. The woman who does not expend her reservations of psychological energy cleaning her teeth or using a toilet. The woman who does not neglect to consume. The woman who does not need to conceal anxiety attacks and crying suits in people. The woman who welcomes individuals. I have never been dazzler. I imagine it is fine. That is all I could do. Picture. Picture the Me That Nearly Was.

That is what depression does to youpersonally. It eats away at everything and anything about you which makes you , until there is much more of it’s left than whomever you was. It strips you of everything causes you to a individual, until you are barely a man whatsoever.

Sarah expects that others may take comfort from her narrative.

There is nothing inherent about a presence with this disorder for business. It is not a noble battle prior to the Happily Ever After. It is messy, complex and painful. It’s possible to get to the peak one day just to end up in the base of the cliff that the following. There is no logic or pattern to it. To dwell with it would be to see yourself descend into depression and insanity with merely a shout, apathetic resignation.

For a very long time that I internalised that the degree of my warrior in some weird attempt to secure my parents by the understanding of just how near they came to losing me. Was not my aimless presence hurt them ? After all, I still did not wish to perish, I rationalised. I just wished I did not exist.

Suicidal ideation and also even the action itself is seldom about weakness of brain or escapism. It is about falling beneath the fatigue of just existing. If presence becomes distress and distress, the only logical alternative it is possible to muster is to not exist.

We do not speak about mental wellbeing almost enough at the South Asian area. It is devolved out of a taboo, into some joke, even to catnip to get tabloids. That should change. If you are reading this, then I expect you’ll find solace in knowing I am like you, and I am still here.


I am not a warrior or a superhero. I am practically ridiculously human. It is taken antidepressants for me to attain some semblance of psychological stability. For others it may be treatment. Never allow your mind convince you your existence does not”thing” sufficient to find assist. Regardless of because you happen. I keep to live. To reside. I guarantee you that you are able to too.

Sarah is a Sydney-based documentary movie producer whose latest job was Cease the Boats. The next, Behrouz, will probably be about the award-winning writer and asylum seeker, Behrouz Boochani.

Lifeline: 13 11 14.

This report looks in Sunday Life magazine inside the Sun-Herald along with the Sunday Age available September 13.

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