Liver King Net Worth: His Earnings from Eating Liver!

liver king net worth

Brian Johnson, a bodybuilder, influencer, and owner of a company that sells dietary supplements, is 45 years old. When he began posting videos to the TikTok site, he gained attention. Because he enjoys eating animal liver, Brian refers to himself as the Liver King. How much do you know about his income and way of life, though?

What Is Liver King’s Estimated Net Worth?

Liver King is proud of his successful bodybuilding career and popularity on social media. His followers are interested to learn how much money he has so far gathered. His net worth was $1 million in 2022, and it is expected to increase soon.

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What Is Liver King’s Source of Income?

Liver King has his hands in many different pies. Through the promotion of supplements on his social media networks, he earns a sizable income online. Additionally, Liver King makes a large profit from sponsorship agreements. He also makes a respectable amount of money through his enterprises. His income is broken down in the following manner.

What Profession Does Liver King Have?

Social networking is where Brian Johnson derives his income. One of the most well-known social media influencers is him. He has been astute enough to make money off of his following on various social media sites. By disclosing his food and exercise routine, he also draws in new people.

The majority of Liver King’s earnings come from his Ancestral Dietary supplement company. He makes money from the fitness sector as a bodybuilder through sponsorship deals and brand endorsements, which he advertises on his social media. It’s interesting to see how Liver King’s wealth has grown over time. In 2022, his yearly compensation will be equal to his net worth.

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Exercise and Diet

In 2021, Brian began publishing about his lifestyle on social media with the help of a social media consulting company since he had made the decision to share his discoveries with the world.

When the Liver King started posting videos of his daily meals, which often include raw liver, a protein shake, bone marrow, and a pound of steak with egg yolk, Brian’s fame surged throughout TikTok and Instagram.

According to The Liver King, he consumes around a pound of raw liver each day. He also imparts his varied fitness regimens to his devoted fans. They typically involve carrying absurdly large amounts of weight.


After that, Brian began working for a pharmaceutical company, earning enough money to indulge in pricey outdoor pursuits like snowboarding, which is how he first met the Liver Queen back in 2004.

The Liver King had a different way of life before he met Barbara, the lady who would become his life.

When Barbara and Brian first met, she was working as a dentist. After they got married and started a family, they developed a prosperous dental office before transitioning to selling nutritional supplements to support Brian’s ancestral way of life.

Brian and Barbara had two boys after getting married to the Liver Queen, who is now frequently referred to as the Savage Liver Boys. The Live King frequently features his sons in his social media posts.

When Brian’s sons were young, their parents were in dire need of assistance because they were frequently in and out of the hospital due to various illnesses and allergies. Brian then read Sally Fallon’s book, “Nourishing Traditions,” a cookbook that questions politically correct nutrition and diet detox treats.

Brian decided to put some of his recommendations to make the book more nourishing into practice after reading the book cover again.

The nine ancestral tenants—sleep, eat, move, shine, connect, cold, sun, fight, and bond—became the family’s guide for daily life. In essence, The Liver King and his family did nothing more than amp up popular diet trends already in use.

After all, in the 1990s, we had diets high in processed, low-fat foods, but in the 2010s, the nutrition trends swung the other way, urging people to go back to the all-natural, whole foods of the past.


Brian Johnson, often known as Liver King, is a bodybuilder, influencer, and business owner. In 2022, his net worth will be $1 million. He gained notoriety through TikTok, and the majority of his income comes from social media.

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