Listen to A Blaze Of Feather's haunting new single 'Witching Hour'

Listen to some Blaze Of Feather’s haunting new only’Witching Hour’

A Blaze Of Feather has contributed a brand new tune called’Witching Hour’ — you’ll listen to it under.

The tune is set to look ‘Labyrinth’, the forthcoming second record in the evasive solo performer (aka Mickey Smith).

Despite its own fittingly spooky name, Smith explained in a media release the glitchy, seven-minute monitor was created through the spring of this past year. It comes with a corresponding official movie shot 16mm picture.

“My head was rushing about 3am, and that I could not sleep. I have discovered that they call this odd warp of this clock that the witching hour, which title evolves,” Smith remembered. “It is sometimes a hyper-creative condition, but in addition torturous with crazy memories, ideas and feelings acting out just like winter storms.

“Length of negative and positive energy. Past and future situations perform, attracting hot cold flashes. But on a bad night, the sensation of relief once the sun starts climbing along with the insanity starts to depart is concrete”

Smith added:”This morning it got mild premature and I just went up into the shed in which I record my songs, at approximately 4. 30am. Even the maddest dawn chorus was bursting with sound and colour so glowing. It made me think about a Cornish term’Kanndir’ which translates roughly as’bright earth’. I listed a number of those bird-song out and drifted into my musical universe, picking up those bits.

“The song came from the session, and has been really done in a couple of hours, dropped in a haunted fantasy. It is remarkable how a simple sunrise, daytime, which makes it through these extreme hours could reset every thing, feels just like you get a second crack in it ”

‘Witching Hour’ follows from the previously published’Magpie’ and’Clock Hands’, that may also appear on’Labyrinth’. The record is based on November 20 — it is possible to pre-order your copy .

The album tracklist is as follows:

1 Killing the Reverietwo Labyrinth3 Magpie4 Witching Hour5 Kanndir6 ) Fields7 Serpentine8 hitter Hands9 A Period of Low Frequency10 moderate Man

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