Listen to Lydia Ainsworth’s synth-pop remix of’ Chic’s’Good Times’

Listen to Lydia Ainsworth's synth-pop remix of Chic's 'Good Times'

Lydia Ainsworth has shared with a low-tempo, synth-pop remix of Chic’s’Good Times’ — you’ll hear it under.

Even the disco classic by Nile Rodgers and also co. was sampled countless times — most famously in Sugar Hill Gang’s’Rapper’s Delight’ — but today it will get a synth-pop reworking from the literary musician.

The remix was initially listed for its’EVER NEW’ advantage compilation before this month, also Ainsworth has shared it upon her Bandcamp page.

In a statement accompanying the discharge, Ainsworth encouraged individuals to go out and vote at the forthcoming US election.

“from the jaws of this apocalypse I am visiting an amazing desert island of Great Times,” she explained. “Let us hope we make it for actual and shortly. Meantime, get out and vote”

cling to Ainsworth’s rendition of’Good Times’ under:

Great Times from Lydia Ainsworth

earlier this season, Devonté Hynes (Blood Orange) was one of the musicians to present their spin on Girlpool’s newest single to get a brand new EP in the group.

The Los Angeles indie-rock duo also tapped Porches and Lydia Ainsworth to get remixes of’Like I am Presence It’, they initially released back in March this year.

Meanwhile, the Nile Rodgers has shown he envied David Bowie to get”never stressing” about that which race could listen to his songs, while stating that black musicians”need to remain in 1 lane.”

following the recent discussions encompassing racial injustice and inequality, the Chic celebrity was requested by Metro about the way the music business has changed to black musicians as time passes.

“Lots of artists are becoming wealthier and more famous faster, but nevertheless black artists are essentially…essentially you’ve got to drive in 1 lane and that’s something I have always attempted to combat,” Rodgers responded.

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