Listen to Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis’ debut single’He Don’t Know Nothin’ Bout It’

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis have shared their own debut ‘He Don’t Know Nothin’ Bout It’ — it is possible to hear it below.

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The legendary hitmakers, famous for working with the likes of Janet Jackson, Usher and also Prince, declared last month they will be publishing their first album as musicians although a fresh arrangement with BMG.

The group, who are also former members of the Time and are commonly seen architects of the”Minneapolis Sound,” popularised by Prince from the late’70s and ancient’80therefore, have released their first single featuring Babyface.

Shared (November 13), the eloquent R&B monitor finds Babyface croon about the way the beau of the intimate interest does not know her just like he does.

About the chorus, he sings:”He do not know nothin”bout it’Bout time you discovered a guy, yeahHe just conquered”around ityeah/ Girl he do not know / Everything you undergo, he does not go a hint What love actually mеans for you/ He do not know nothin”bout itHe do not know nothin”bout it, yeah.”

cling to’He Do not Know Nothin’ Bout It’ under:

Discussing about the monitor, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis stated:”That is 1 everybody has been asking for but never believed they would see. You understand Kenny’s [Babyface] voice that the moment you hear this, and he blessed the trail with an extraordinary performance. It has been a very long time in the building and we cannot wait for everyone to listen.”

Babyface included:”Working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis has been a gorgeous experience. We had a mutual admiration for one another’s imagination…So that the music arrived simple and the love only flowed… We can use a bit more of that now.”

The five-time Grammy Award-winning manufacturing duo possess 16 Billboard Hot 100 Number Ones for their title and have obtained over 100 platinum certificates.

Meanwhile, a brand new statue honouring Prince, that will be a replica of this Prince’s legendary’Love Symbol’ and stands more than 3 metres high and nearly two metres wide, was installed in Paisley Park.

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