Lily James Reflected On ‘Rebellious’ Streak & Making ‘Mistakes’ A Month Before Dominic West Kissing Photos!

Lily James rebel interview Dominic West cheating

Welp, Lily James sure picked a bad time to talk about her rebellious side!

As we reported, the actress ignited a frenzy this week after photos were published showing her kissing married actor Dominic West during a romantic rendezvous in Rome. In the days since, some of The Affair lead’s old interviews have resurfaced, shining light on his seemingly liberal take on infidelity.

Now, Lily’s own words about paving her own path have come back to haunt her — but unlike Dominic, she didn’t utter them years ago: gurl said them just last month!

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In a video for Harper’s Bazaar UK, which was filmed during her September cover shoot, the 31-year-old star opened up about her rule breaking nature while discussing her upcoming Netflix film Rebecca. The actress shared:

“I feel I’ve rebelled … I think I was always a rebellious teenager. I think it’s important for us to rebel.”

Clearly! Of course, there’s a difference between sticking it to the man and, well, sticking it to a married man, if you catch our drift!

The Downton Abbey alum went on to admit that she makes mistakes “all the time,” but noted she never runs from them, explaining:

“I would never want to run away from a situation or be too scared to act. I think that it’s better to throw yourself in and make mistakes with an open heart.”

Hmm… could this be why Lily allegedly called up West’s wife of ten years, Catherine FitzGerald, after the news broke? Her attempt at owning up to her mistake — or at least explaining her way out of it?

That, of course, is unclear.  What she made clear in her interview, however, is that she admires rule-breaking women

While speaking about her character in the upcoming adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s acclaimed novel, the star said:

“When the opportunity came around to play the second Mrs. de Winter, I just couldn’t resist it. She’s such an extraordinary character. The character of Rebecca went against all norms as a woman, disobeyed her husband, had affairs — basically was brilliant. That was only in the 1930s… people are still afraid of women when they’re unleashed. Women are warriors, and that’s intimidating.”

What an empowering message — though it seems her recent affair with another warrior’s man might detract from it!

What do U think about these comments? Ch-ch-check out her full interview (below) for more.

[Image via Harper’s Bazaar UK/WENN]

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