Lily James and Married Dominic West Share Steamy Kiss

Lily James and Married Dominic West Share Steamy Kiss

New bunch alert?!

That is exactly what some pop culture lovers are asking themselves following photographs arose of Lily James and Dominic West demonstrating some PDA through a recent excursion. 

In photographs obtained from the Daily Mail, the Hollywood celebrities were seen at Rome on Oct. 11 in which they took from the sounds and sights of Italy’s funding.

Lily, 31, has been observed wearing a flowery dress with a dark Yves Saint Laurent handbag for the weekend experience whereas Dominic, respectively 50, wore black denim jeans and a blue hue. Both seemed to talk about with an electric scooter prior to sitting down to lunch.

Though the outing might appear innocent at first, additional images in the lunch table reveal that the duo kissing the sidewalk using Dominic caressing Lily’s mind in the wonderful outdoors. At exactly the identical moment, the Daily Mail reported the group buddy and mutual boss was in attendance to your meal.

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