Lil Wayne Is Smiles While Posing With TrumpWe had a Good Meeting

Lil Wayne Is All Smiles While Posing With Trump: We Had A Great Meeting

Lil Wayne Shows He Met With President Trump

It seems that Lil Wayne will be the most recent celebrity to meet up President Donald Trump. About October 29, Lil Wayne disclosed he satisfied with the recent President. He explained:

“Only had a excellent meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus apart from what he has done so much with criminal reformthe platinum program will provide the community actual possession. He listened to what we needed to say now and assured that he will and will do it. “

Soon after President Donald Trump re-tweeted that the tweet, even however he didn’t incorporate any extra remark.

President Trump’s Platinum Strategy for black Americans, published on September 25th, 2020, is intended to”uplift Dark communities throughout the nation via a $500 billion investment” based on donaldjtrump.com. In doing this, the program also wishes to assist the black community using approaches to:

“gain access to funding, fuel Black-owned companies, reduce taxes, improve schooling opportunities, reduce the price of health, additional criminal justice reform, and also make Juneteenth a National Holiday, prosecute the KKK and ANTIFA as terrorist associations, and also make lynching a federal hate crime”

The program comes after a introducing of rapper Ice Cube’s strategy known as the Contract with Black America. The strategy was introduced to both applicants, together with the Trump effort making alterations into existing programs as well as also the Biden- Harris campaign stating they’d require a closer look post-election.

Most have predicted the President outside due to his apparent changing opinion before different audiences. While meeting black actors like Lil Wayne and Ice Cube, the President expresses complete support for dark communities’, however in different cases –like a national argument — refused to talk negatively against a white hate band.

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