Rapper Lil Pump Endorses Donald Trump 8 Days Before The Election: F*ck Sleepy Joe, Trump 2020 B*tch

Lil Vacuum Allegedly Never Registered To Notwithstanding Endorsing Trump

Lil Pump, Trump

Lil Pump Allegedly Never Registered To Vote Despite Endorsing Trump

It appears like Lil Pump’s approval for Donald Trump did not really help him at the election.

The rapper made headlines not only revealed his support Donald Trump through his effort but talked at one of his rallies, in which Donald Trump called him”Lil Pimp.”

Lil Vacuum is hungry. pic.twitter.com/kJkrOSaBi3

— Ahmed?? / / A&R to get Griselda Records (@big_business_) November 3, 2020

However, after all his attempts, fresh reports from smoking Gun allege that Lil Pump, 20, (actual name Gazzy Garcia) hasn’t registered to vote because arriving 18 at August 2018.

Meanwhile, the Lil Vacuum hails from Miami and bought his first house in Miami Beach this past year. But he has allegedly also neglected to cover taxes and owes 45,000 to get 2019.

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Lil Pump is one of a small number of actors who’ve endorsed Trump but did not really vote . Still another is Kanye West, who ignited plenty of controversy once he encouraged Trump at 2016.

Donald Trump,” Kanye West (circa 2016)

However, Kanye West voted for the very first time in this election, and that cast the vote to get himself running for president. )

Which are the ideas on Lil Vacuum maybe not being registered voter? Comment and tell us.

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