Lil Tay Custody Battle Looms and Career Path Hangs in Balance

Lil Tay Custody Battle Looms and Career Path Hangs in Balance


Lil Tay May be Coming to the limelight Shortly, but her Potential Livelihood hinges a custody battle between her parents that Is Planning to come to a Mind.

Resources near Lil Tay inform TMZ… that the foul-mouthed child rapper is residing in Vancouver in which her parents, Angela Tian and Christopher Hope, are secured in a court fight for custody of Lil Tay and complete command over her own life and livelihood.

We are told Lil Tay’s parents happen to be duking it out in court because overdue 2018, plus they are hoping the judge to produce some huge custody rulings at the forthcoming months. We are told that they share custody.

Lil Tay’s future will probably be greatly influenced by the judge’s conclusion… our sources say her parents want her at amusement, but they have quite different strategies for her to remain relevant.

We are told Lil Tay’s mother would like to tell her do anything she wishes to do — even if this means dropping a lot of trash-talking videos on interpersonal networking.

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Not surprising… recall, Mother employed her boss’ Mercedes as a prop in one of Lil Tay’s notorious trash-talking movies, also stopped her role once her boss grabbed up and got smashed.

On the flip side, we are told Lil Tay’s daddy prefers the more conventional career path of singing and acting.

Previously, Lil Tay’s daddy has voiced concern about her sociable networking antics and believed others were using her only to gain for themselves.

Since you understand… Lil Tay was absent from social websites as far back in June 2018, after her dad obtained a court order requiring her to return to Vancouver and quit posting her Instagram accounts, which includes 1.8 million followers.

Seems like she might be coming soon… so stay tuned.

We achieved to Lil Tay’s daddy, who stated he didn’t need to comment on the impending legal issues but he likes and wants what is best for his own daughter. Tay’s mother had no opinion.

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