Lil Pump Reportedly Did Not Even Vote For Donald Trump Following Endorsement | Music

Lil Generator made headlines got mercilessly Pulled Twitter Afterwards he Combined Donald Trump on Point in a campaign event.

Now, we are learning that not merely did not cast his ballot for Trump, Pump’s allegedly not actually registered to vote.

In accordance with this New York Daily News,”Little Pimp,” since Trump known himturned 18 back 2018 but hadn’t enrolled to vote.

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The Sunday prior to the election, infantry attended a Trump rally near his hometown of Miami using his MAGA cap . Trump gave Lil Vacuum a shoutout in the point and then requested him to come up to the podium to say a couple words to his own fans. Trump also known to this rapper as”among the superstars of earth.”

Trump wound up dropping Florida despite solder’s vote.

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