Lil Durk New Girlfriend: Is They Still Together!

lil durk new girlfriend

One of the new American rappers coming out of Chicago is named Lil Durk. His birth name was Durk Banks, but he later went by Lil Durk. Early on, he showed an interest in music and created his own OTF (Only the Family) label to self-release his early mix tapes.

He began contemplating music as a full-time career option in the early part of 2010 after experiencing initial success. He eventually signed with the famed recording label “Def Jam Recordings,” and critics now consider him to be the best rapper to have ever been involved with it.

He was born and raised in a dangerous neighborhood, which had a negative effect on his family. His family struggled financially during his upbringing and his father was sentenced to life in prison in 1994 for drug-related offenses. Many of his early releases were influenced by the gang violence in Chicago.

LIL Durk proposed to India Royale in December 2021, however, there are unsubstantiated allegations that the couple is no longer together.

Since the beginning of their courtship in 2017, the couple’s connection has been intermittent.

Just Who Is India Royale?

Lil Durk, real name Durk Derrick Banks, is well-known for his romance with India Royale and their engagement.

From Chicago, Illinois, where she grew up with her three elder siblings, Royale is a model and Instagram influencer. Her YouTube channel has 489k subscribers, and she has acquired over 4.5 million Instagram followers.

India Royale Beauty and India Royale’s Hair Vendor are two of the mother-of-own two’s beauty enterprises.

How Long Have They Been Dating and How Many Children Do They Have?

Lil Durk and Royale began dating in 2017, and in December 2021, while performing in Chicago, he got down on one knee and proposed to her. He thanked Royale for being there while standing in front of the audience “You know I love you to death, I’m the most real,” I said.

“You have supported me while I was going through a lot. You are the most genuine, and I adore you utterly.”

Do you want to be my wife, he then enquired of Royale.

Royale said, “Yes,” to the roar of the crowd. On Gillie The King and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast in March 2022, Lil Durk talked about why he cares about his fiance.

When asked on the podcast why he liked Royale, he said that it was because of her low “body count,” sincerity, and loyalty. Lil Durk admitted that he was really petty, adding: “Like if you f***ed a lot of n****s and all that, I ain’t going to wife you. That’s me, though.

“But it’s like, everything to do with her. She hasn’t been passed around because she is genuine and isn’t cheating. Like, it was her body count. That’s what actually caused it.

The comments made by Lil Durk quickly drew criticism on social media, with one user tweeting: “Imagine that when your fiancé is asked what he likes best about you, the first thing he mentions is your body count, etc.

“Not your character, loyalty, or sacrifices made for him, but your previous relationships.

“Hearing this from my boyfriend would not appeal to me in the least, especially given that his past is the opposite.” But Royale reacted in a different tweet, writing: “What people think about my fiancé is idgaf. Get one because of this, he mines.

Did Lil Durk and India Royale Split Up?

Royale left hints on her social media sites, which led to rumors that Lil Durk and she had broken up. One tweet from Royale that read, “I’m a free agent,” prompted some to wonder if she and Lil Durk were still together.

“If you and Durk ain’t together no more, I’m going to stop dating since you two were the last hope I had left in love,” one individual said. Added one more: “Why did you split up India? You okay, girl?”

Royale and Lil Durk have not publicly addressed their relationship status, and the allegations of their alleged breakup have not been proven.


In December 2021, LIL Durk proposed to India Royale, although there are unsubstantiated allegations that the couple has split up.

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