Life Hacks for Watches: 6 Life Hacks for Your Apple Watch

Soon after purchasing an Apple Watch, you won’t be able to function without it. The Apple Watch allows you to start a workout and receive messages on your wrist. The Apple Watch, however, has a lot more to offer. You might not even be aware of some things. Which of the following Apple Watch life hacks were you aware of?

1. Use Your Apple Watch as A Remote Control.

Is there nobody available to shoot the group shot you wish to take? The self-timer on your iPhone is always an option, but it’s not always convenient. It makes for some great pictures when you’re either all awkwardly grinning at the camera as the timer counts down or you’re just a little late. When you launch the camera app on your Apple Watch, your iPhone camera is immediately activated. To take a photo remotely, tap the shutter button on your Apple Watch. useful, I assume?

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2. Make Use of The Torch

In the dark, searching for something? That is challenging without a light. Did you know that the Apple Watch also features a flashlight option? We are all familiar with the flashlight mode on our iPhones. Tap the flashlight in the Control Center by sliding up. Your Apple Watch’s screen can now serve as a flashlight. Regular white, flashing white, and red are the three modes that you can choose from while adjusting the brightness.

3. Locate Your Phone

You can always stay on top of new communications when you wear the Apple Watch on your wrist. My personal iPhone is always set to silent mode for this reason. But when I lose my iPhone, that isn’t really helpful. The Apple Watch makes it easier to locate your iPhone. Tap the iPhone to make it ping and swipe up to access the Control Center. Now, your iPhone will make a brief sound that can still be heard far away. The iPhone will also momentarily flicker, which is helpful at night.

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4. Use Your Apple Watch to Unlock Your Mac

The benefit of having many Apple products is how well they all integrate. For instance, your Apple Watch can be used to unlock your Mac. Your Apple Watch helps the MacBook “detect” your presence. You can start using your Mac right away without having to enter a password. You must use your Apple ID to sign in on both devices. On your Mac, select System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. You may configure the Apple Watch to unlock your Mac from this page.

5. Set a Timer.

You need a timer, right? On the Apple Watch, one can be set. This is perfect whether you want to prepare rice for 10 minutes or perform a plank exercise for 1 minute. Choose a time by going to the timer on your Apple Watch. You may also ask Siri to complete the task for you to make it simpler. If your hands get messy when you’re cooking, this is useful. Simply say, “Hey Siri, start the timer for one minute.”

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6. Employ Theater Mode

You might not always want your Apple Watch to be on. When you’re trying to concentrate, for instance, or when you’re watching a movie in a theatre. You can switch to Theater Mode on your Apple Watch at that time. Tap the icon with the masks in the Control Center by using the up swipe. Theater Mode is used here. Turn on this mode. Your Apple Watch’s screen will now be dark until you tap it, touch the side button, or use the Digital Crown.

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