Life Hacks for Keyboards: Work Faster and More Comfortable Using These Five Keyboard Tricks Everyone Should Know.

life hacks for keyboards

More than 150 years ago, in 1868, the first typewriter for use in businesses was developed. This innovation altered the course of history and is now a necessary component of our daily life. The time it takes to type the entire English alphabet, from A to Z, is currently 1.36 seconds. Just consider how much time you could save by typing just as quickly!

Bright Side wants to assist you in this situation and has found 11 tricks that will enable you to become the expert typist you’ve always wanted to be.

Keyboard Hack  Become Familiar with Your Keyboard

life hacks for keyboards

Even if you’ve been using a computer for a while, your keyboard may have functions you’re not aware of. Spend some time getting familiar with your keyboard so you can work more productively.

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Alter Keyboard Settings with Keyboard Hack

There are a few options you may modify to make your work more efficient once you’ve become more accustomed to your keyboard. You could change:

blinking frequency of the mouse pointer, which can improve visibility.

the rate at which keyboard strokes repeat, which prevents you from making typing mistakes.

how long a key must be pressed before it repeats on the keyboard.

Use Shortcuts with The Keyboard

life hacks for keyboards

Even if you’re an expert with the Windows mouse, using keyboard shortcuts is usually more productive. They are known as shortcuts because they combine several keystrokes into a single swift action, much like pressing a chord on a piano. Knowing a few keyboard shortcuts for frequent tasks like saving or closing files can make using your computer much simpler and quicker.

Several widely used keyboard shortcuts are listed below: ALT+TAB Alternate between running apps and windows CTRL+S Save the current document or file (works in most programs) CTRL+Z Reverse an action CTRL+C Copy the chosen thing Logo key for Windows +F1 ESC and Windows Help should be displayed. halt the current project Utilization key Activate a menu of commands for a software option. comparable to right-clicking the chosen item. See the comprehensive list of Windows Vista or Windows XP keyboard shortcuts for further information. Please take note that the shortcuts given for Windows Vista are also applicable to Windows 7.

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Make It Simpler to Press Numerous Keys with Keyboard Hack

Do you have trouble pressing numerous keys at once? You can configure Sticky Keys, for instance, if pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL requires acrobatics. You can use a keyboard shortcut where you press one key at a time by using Sticky Keys. Even setting it to produce noise will let you know when it’s functioning. Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP all support the installation of Sticky Keys. (Hint: To use Sticky Keys in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, press the “SHIFT” key five times in a row, then click the link.)

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