Life Hacks for Data Cable: The Complete Guide Is Available Here.

life hacks for data cable

Your phone is probably the one item you never forget to take with you when you leave the house if someone were to ask. However, it’s critical that your charger lasts as well in order for your phone to remain functional. Even though your phone feels like a second skin around you, only a well-cared-for charger can ensure its continuing use. A broken charger is almost always the result of rough use. Not to mention the price you’ll pay to repair a charger.

So, even though you can’t live without your cherished phone, how do you care for its most vital accessory, the charger?

The Following Hints and Techniques Will Help Your Current Charger Last Longer than Your Prior One:

Hack 1: Hold Your Cords Correctly Instead of Holding Your Horses!

life hacks for data cable

The charging cord benefits greatly from appropriate care. The next time you are pressed for time, keep in mind to hold the cable by the plug to avoid putting pressure on the cord’s weakest area.

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Hack 2: Properly Store Your Charger for Longevity

The ideal way to carry your charging wire is to tie it up with a strap or a clip. By manually manipulating it and seeing how it naturally coils, you may determine the best method to loop it.

Hack 3: Use the Proper Asset to Protect Your Charger

Perhaps it’s time to request assistance. Purchase some rubber cable shields to place on top of the joint where the cord meets the USB end. These make sure you have the flexibility needed to move the cable without bending it excessively.

Hack 4: Get a Cord for A Cord

If you don’t feel the need to spend money on cable protection, use any yarn you have lying around to wrap your charging wire any way you like. With this hack, the cable gains a little bit of aesthetic appeal in addition to being made more durable.

Hack 5: Make the most of waste

life hacks for data cable

Take apart the pen you just threw away to get the spring you deemed useless. To give the cable joint some strength, wrap the spring around it. Despite being a temporary solution, it is effective.

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Hack 6: Magnetize for a longer life

We can always find quick fixes thanks to technology. Purchase a magnetic adaptor so you can prevent any bending by connecting it magnetically to your cord. The adaptor stays attached to your phone and guards against dirt getting inside while extending just enough to make removal simple.

Hack 7: Wireless technology is the future

Although fairly pricey, if you have the benefit of employing this cutting-edge tactic, you would never again have to be concerned about a broken cable because there isn’t one to begin with.

Hack 8: Dock It to Safeguard It

life hacks for data cable

A dock that doubles as a charging stand ensures that you do not need a cord that could break, even though you would have to tear yourself away from your phone for a while.

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Hack 9: The Final Solution

If the cable does break, make sure you fix it right away to prevent more damage and an unpleasant shock. You could cover your broken cable with an electric heating shrink tube, which contracts to its final size when heated.

Although they are the cable’s intended consumers, it is crucial to understand that MG sells to a variety of customers. The fact that anyone could acquire it poses a potential risk. Having said that, perhaps that is the purpose; perhaps a genuine threat is required in order for us to take it seriously. In order to prepare for assaults with rogue USB cords, according to MG, he recorded his efforts and sold the cable to a retailer frequented by security researchers.

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