Liam Payne REVEALS it’s been difficult to not meet his son Bear amidst the quarantine period due to COVID 19

Liam Payne spoke candidly about how difficult it has been for him to not be able to meet his three-year-old son Bear Payne, who is currently staying with Cheryl Tweedy, amidst the lockdown period due to the coronavirus scare.

The entire world is on quarantine period, due to the coronavirus scare, and it’s been a difficult phase for everyone. Liam Payne, who is currently stationed in his London home is away from his son Bear Payne as he is residing with Cheryl Tweedy. While video chats keep him connected to his three-year-old son, Liam is still deeply affected by not being able to meet his son physically. In an interview with The Sun, Liam shared, “Me and Cheryl had a very open conversation about visiting, but it’s difficult.”

“It was right around his birthday that it (lockdown) happened. It was one of the first times I was in the ­country for his birthday and I was ready to go over and I just thought, ‘I don’t know how I feel about it.’ So it’s just been difficult having to put up with a lot of FaceTime, and sometimes he wants to talk on FaceTime, sometimes he doesn’t,” Payne revealed to The Sun. Moreover, the 26-year-old singer has a new-found respect for those who have jobs where they have to miss their kids a lot.

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Meanwhile, Liam, along with Alesso, released a brand new single titled Midnight. Interestingly, the music video for Midnight was shot in March, while both artists were under self-quarantine.

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Payne hopes that Midnight will have a positive impact on people during the troubling times we all are facing collectively. “It’s important at this time to step out there for our fans. While everyone’s stuck at home and self-isolating, I just think it’s important to still have stuff coming through to bring a little bit of sunshine to everybody’s day,” Liam had shared Associated Press.

Self isolation is lonely, let’s become companions for each other. Click here to share your lockdown stories anonymously and read what other’s have shared.

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