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LG to bring rollable displays to the smartphones

CES 2019 came up as a fortunate event for  LG as it became the major attraction in the TV segment because of its mind-bending cool rollable television. After getting a good response from the people for the amazing technology, one of the company’s top executives in an interview said that LG would soon bring the same rollable and flexible display to its smartphones.

Recently, the CTO of the Korean electronics company interacted with one of the leading news channels and in an interview said that LG is at present experimenting with rollable and foldable phones and we can expect the technology to hit the market pretty soon.

“We are exploring many different form factors for phones, including foldable and rollable,” LG CTO IP Park said.

“Because display technology has grown so much that it can make it into very flexible form factors. And with 5G, if the market requires much bigger screens, we’ll need to fold it or roll it. So we’ll explore.”

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We all know that LG is not the first company which is thinking of new form factors for phones, as Samsung is already at its verge to launch Galaxy F foldable smartphone. Samsung even showed off a prototype for a foldable phone in the CES 2019. Chinese company Royole, on the other hand, also showed off a foldable phone, the FlexPai, but it’s currently only available in China.

After LG revealed its foldable TV series including LG Signature OLED TV R, a 65-inch TV that rolls up when not in use, it is quite evident that company has been experimenting with flexible displays for years. Therefore implementing the idea to the smartphones won’t be much of a challenge to the Korean smartphone manufacturer.

Though it is still not clear that the type of technology that LG is using in its rollable TV is feasible in smartphones, yet it makes one thing clear that foldable and rollable phones are more than just a passion in today’s generation.

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