LG extends the warranty of 4K G1 OLED in the US and UK

LG extends the warranty of 4K G1 OLED in the US and UK
LG extends the warranty of 4K G1 OLED in the US and UK

According to the latest news, LG is offering an extended 5-year warranty on its 4K G1 OLED in the US. In the extended warranty, the company will cover problems related to its panel after the standard one year warranty. The company said, in the UK, the extended warranty also applies to its Z1 8K OLED. As of now, it is not clear, what warranty the company is going to offer in other countries. 

It seems the extended warranty is an attempt to upsell customers from popular lower-end sets like the C1 to more premium sets like G1. In a statement given to TechRadar, LG said, “The warranty is designed to offer peace of mind to customers purchasing our flagship, more expensive OLED models.”

There was a query whether the extended warranty covers permanent image retention or not. In this regard, LG responded by saying: “LG’s five-year limited warranty program is in line with the company’s consistent communication regarding the low risk of image retention on LG OLED TVs when used in normal viewing conditions… As with any self-emitting display, OLED TVs may experience temporary image retention under certain conditions, but permanent image retention, or burn-in, is rare under normal viewing conditions. Image retention is not a product defect.”

On the other hand, in a statement given to HDTVTest, LG said that the warranty will covers “any image issues” as long as the display is being used normally and not in a commercial setting. This means LG won’t warranty commercial settings like South Korean airport where static images might be left onscreen for a far longer time.

Note that so far we have only mentioned the sugar coated part of the story. Like any other warranty, LG has come with a set of conditions for eligibility of this warranty. There are exceptions like damage caused by power surges, acts of nature, or improper installation which won’t be warranted by the company. However, LG’s warranty still provides some degree of assurance that the user will get a few more years of warranty without any harsh use.

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