Lesley Stahl Requires Security Due to Death Threat Following Trump Interview


The”60 Minutes” interview President Trump cut Brief Within Exactly What he felt was Unjust questioning from Lesley Stahl has Abandoned her, along with her Loved Ones, in a Perilous Position… TMZ has Heard.

multiple sources inform us… CBS is currently supplying Stahl with around-the-clock security because of a death threat made into the residence of one of their immediate relatives on the west shore.

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We are told the system has guards tracking the houses of Lesley and her Family, and escorting them whenever they venture out in people.

Law enforcement sources tell us that the passing threat call had been reported to LAPD about 9 AM Thursday, October 22. We are told that the caller led the danger of Lesley and her loved ones, and said something regarding neo-Nazis.

The phone came a few of days later word got from the President bailed on Lesley. That is also a couple of hours before Trump published the complete interview before Sunday’s broadcast.

Stahl’s”60 Minutes” interview aired Sunday night on CBS… for example her followup questioning of VP Mike Pence concerning why the Prez walked out about her.

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Pence did not really have a response, but it had been apparent from his inaugural interview POTUS believed Lesley was grilling him. For her role, Stahl detained Pence along with Trump of insulting her display.

Our sources state that the authorities have an additional investigation into the death hazard.

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