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Lenovo Group along with Verizon will manufacture new Motorola Razr: Reports

A recent report says that Lenovo Group, Inc is teaming up with Verizon as an exclusive partner to manufacture and sell a new version of the legendary mobile phone Motorola Razr.

The manufacturing group has decided to retain the flip phone design in the new model which earlier was the major attraction of the Motorola Razr. There are reports that the smartphone will be based on the foldable platform to make it similar to the legendary model.

With numerous smartphones manufactures already implementing the foldable screen technology in the smartphones, the manufactures of the new Razr should keep in mind that they have to come up with something that could be the perfect accessory for teens and targeted audience.

Talking a little more about the Motorola Razr, the legendary phone came in existence in 2004 and became the best selling cellphone of the year 2004. But after Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, the sale of Motorola Razr came to an end. Google later acquired Motorola in 2011 and sold the mobile handset business to Lenovo in 2014.

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There have been reports that Motorola in 2011 tried to reinvent the Razr with the launch of its two models the Droid Razr M and Razr HD but both the models failed to create their presence in the market. Besides this, Motorola also teased a Razr reboot in 2016 but no such product came in market and neither the company provided any details about the same.

But this time it isn’t any rumor as the Lenovo group has affirmed that it will soon unveil the new Razr with a foldable screen.

Reports say that the new Razr from the smartphone manufacturing group may land in the market anytime in February and is expected to be priced at $1500. Though it is still questionable whether such a price is worthy for the retro foldable screen glory.

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