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Lenovo launches new folding screen laptops with amazing features

lenovo folding screen laptops

Lenovo folding screen laptops

The largest manufacturer of PCs around the world, Lenovo aims to drive the trends of foldable laptops. On Monday, 13 May, the company held the annual Lenovo Accelerate conference in Florida.

During the event, Lenovo gave the attendees the first look at its foldable-display laptop. Until now, the product has not yet been named. However, the company suggests that the foldable laptop will be a part of the ThinkPad X1 line of laptops. Lenovo also said that the forthcoming product is a replacement of the conventional laptop and not a mere supplemental device.

Lenovo laptop Features

The first of its kind foldable PC comprises a 13.3-inch display which has a 3:3 diagonal aspect ratio. Moreover, the full-screen mode can be folded into a 9.6-inch display. Much like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the yet-to-be-named ThinkPad X1 features an OLED display alongside a polymer screen. The laptop has the upper hand over the Galaxy Fold as the foldable laptop feature an LG Display.

The company had to beat the odds to curate the next-generation foldable screen laptop with a custom-made torque hinge. Lenovo said that the most challenging part which curating this device was to attach a dedicated keyboard with the laptop.

Lenovo new laptops 2019

Another challenge that Lenovo had to go through was while putting the battery inside the foldable laptop. Splitting the battery is not an option as it would make the laptop heavy. And this is why the prototype laptop has the battery on a single side.

Lenovo claims that the laptop will have a battery life that will last all day. It is currently unsure whether Lenovo will only use Windows OS or Intel processors. Nevertheless, the laptop features two dedicated USB Type-C ports along with stereo speakers and IR camera. While unveiling the prototype device, Lenovo didn’t reveal the price of the laptop.

But there is one thing for certain; this laptop is going to change how people look at conventional laptops.

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