Lenny Kravitz does not believe his life is quite’colourful’

Lenny Kravitz doesn't think his life is very 'colourful'

Lenny Kravitz has always been unwilling to write a novel because he does not believe his lifetime has been”colourful” enough.

Lenny Kravitz

The 56-year old musician has confessed he needed to be made to compose’Let Love Rule’ – that covers the first years of his lifetime – however Lenny has resisted the idea since he is consistently contrasted himself unfavourably to his personalities.

He shared:”It is my life, also… I am not saying that my life isn’t exciting, but it is my entire life. While I read in my personalities, [theirs] always looks a lot more fascinating than my own life. You locate their narrative to be this colourful.”

But after agreeing to compose the novel, Lenny was decided to make sure it did not only concentrate on”rock stardom or celebrity”.

Lenny thinks of himself as a”deeply two-sided” individual, having divided his time between his parents at the Upper East Side of Manhattan along with his grandparents at Brooklyn throughout his youth.

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He told The Times newspaper:”Black and white, Christian and Jewish, Manhattanite and Brooklynite. My young life has been about opposites and extremes.”

Regardless of this, Lenny – that released his own debut record,’Let Love Rule’, in 1989 – had no true notion of race for quite a while.

The audio superstar explained:”Since we had been about everyone, and it was not mentioned, this matter of differences, in which you ought to think otherwise about this individual or that person since they’re whatever they may be. There was not any of this. I believed that was life”

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