Ledisi Praises Jussie Smollett as Director, Vouches Because of His Character

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Ledisi‘s giving Jussie Smollett a rave review as a first-time Manager, but more Significantly — she Is Likely to bat for him as a human being… No Matter what Everybody else Believes.

The R&B performer and celebrity is starring in Smollett’s forthcoming film,”B-Boy Blues,” and she’s nothing but glowing words to his debut behind the camera… telling us she had a really fun filming.

Ledisi also says she did not think twice about registering with Jussie — also does not think different celebrities did — since he likes him and he has always been there for her. She adds…”He is a fantastic human. He suggests well with whatever he can.”

Obviously, we needed to inquire when she hesitated… recall the January 2019 episode where he staged a hate crime.

Although Ledisi clearly supports Jussie, she does not state he DIDN’T do exactly what he is accused of. Rather, she informs us…”He’s great work. Folks make errors, and they also do things across the wrong folks.”

She proceeds to state Smollett’s doing the ideal thing today by focusing on his job and insists that his heart in the ideal location.

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Ya gotta believe Jussie will love his celebrity’s kind words, however he may take issue with her ruling he made an error. As we have reported… he nevertheless insists that the”assault” wasn’t a hoax, and states has new signs to back this up.

Smollett remains facing criminal charges and a civil suit against the City of Chicago… so he will find a opportunity to show his case.

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