Lebron James Accused Of Allergic’Gang Evidence’ – Chicago Gang Threatens Him!!

Lebron James Accused Of Dropping 'Gang Signs' - Chicago Gang Threatens Him!!

Last night Lebron James won his fourth NBA championship, also educated himself as among the greatest players in NBA history!

However in doing this, he upset several in Chicago’s biggest group, the Gangster Disciples, MTO News has heard.

And a few in the hazardous gang believe that Lebron was intentionally taunting them with his hands gestures and are currently threatening the NBA superstar on social networking.

The Gangster Disciples are Chicago’s greatest gang – plus they generally wear the colours of the NBAs Chicago Bulls, along with Michael Jordan.

Lebron was attempting to transcend Jordan, since the NBA’s best player. 

Plus a few GD members think that Lebron is trolling them by trying to demonstrate his dominance over Michael Jordan and from casting the gang signal of the Gangster Disciples biggest competitions, the Gangster Disciples Killers.

The hands signal, known as”The Rakes” is viewed among the most contested things that you can do to some Gangster Disciple member.

Here is a video of Lebron past night, looking to throw the gang hint, since he shakes hands with Dion Waiters.

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This is your answer on Twitter from individuals in Chicago: