Laura Ingraham Plastic Surgery: A Side-by-Side Comparison!

Laura Anne Ingraham is a conservative television presenter in the United States. She has hosted The Ingraham Angle on Fox News Channel since October 2017 and serves as the editor-in-chief of LifeZette. Former host of the nationally syndicated radio program The Laura Ingraham Program.

Laura Ingraham Cosmetic Surgery

According to fresherslive, the host may have elected for a Rhytidectomies or a facelift. Previously, she had a wide jawline, but the contour of her jawline appears to have shrunk, making her appear somewhat younger. Even her cheekbones appeared slightly altered as if they had been contoured naturally.

Her cheekbones appear more prominent than ever after undergoing a facelift. Because of her prominent cheekbones, there is also speculation that she may have undergone Botox treatment.

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Early Career

In the late 1980s, Laura Ingraham was employed as a speechwriter for the Reagan administration. During this period, she worked as an editor for The Prospect, a conservative student publication, and continued to hone her journalistic skills.

Within a short time, Laura Ingraham returned to school, this time to study law. In 1991, she received her Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law. She worked as a law clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeals after obtaining this qualification.

She subsequently became a clerk for the United States Supreme Court under Justice Clarence Thomas. Laura Ingraham joined a New York City-based international law firm as an attorney after obtaining this invaluable experience. During this time, Ingraham was acquiring a reputation as one of the most promising young American conservatives.

Career in Television

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In 1996, MSNBC hired Laura Ingraham for the first time as a presenter. She moved to CBS to host the program Watch It! towards the close of the decade. It appeared that Fox News was the best match for the outspoken host due to her conservative viewpoint.

In 2008, she eventually joined forces with Fox, landing a position as the host of This Just In. The position served as a trial run for Ingraham, who in 2017 began hosting The Ingraham Angle in a much more prominent capacity. The Ingraham Angle is the third-most-watched cable news program on television, based on the number of viewers. The Ingraham Angle holds the top position in its particular category.

In 2001, Laura Ingraham began anchoring her own radio program titled The Laura Ingraham Show, prior to joining Fox News. Talkers Magazine ranked Ingraham’s radio program as the fifth most popular in the United States after he settled with the Talk Radio Network. In 2012, Ingraham abandoned the Talk Radio Network and moved to the Courtside Entertainment Group. In 2018, her show was ultimately canceled, but she continues to create content for her podcast.

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