Latest Fantasy 2 Establish Photo Features Sigourney Weaver At A Pool Of Ping Pong Balls, also It Is Far More Than You Would Think

Latest Avatar 2 Set Photo Features Sigourney Weaver In A Pool Of Ping Pong Balls, And It's Way More Than You'd Think

While it is unsure how Sigourney Weaver will go back for its Avatar sequels, we have our very first hints as to where the chance might take , as she isn’t just suited with the correct attire for diving, however Ms. Weaver can be sporting some mo-cap accoutrements too. Although her character, Dr. Grace Augustine, has been murdered in Avatar, her character was”downloaded” to the collective memory banks of Pandora’s natural computing arrangement. With those memories securely stored in Earth, it would not be much of a stretch to view Grace return via a recently enhanced Na’vi entire body.

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