LAPD Investigating Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife to Alleged Embezzlement

LAPD Investigating Dr. Dre's Estranged Wife for Alleged Embezzlement


Dr. Dre‘s estranged Spouse, Nicole Young, Has Been Explored by the LAPD for alleged embezzlement… Resources near the Situation tell TMZ.

We are told Dre’s business partner, Larry Chatman, lately went into the police and filed a statement, asserting Nicole withdrew thousands and thousands of dollars out of their small business accounts without consent… some thing Larry had formerly alleged in lawful letters dismissed to Nicole’s side at the last couple of weeks.

From the report on LAPD, Dre’s team asserts Nicole embezzled $385,029. We are told LAPD detectives know Larry considers Nicole is the offender, and they are looking into it today. For the album, Dre didn’t record the record.

As we reported… Dre’s known as Nicole for two withdrawals — that total the 385k — into their divorce situation. Nicole has stated she had the right to the cash because corporate accounts since her name is on it.

When charges are attracted from that, it is possible Nicole can do the job.

Nicole’s legal group has told us Chatman’s claims against her are only a smear effort along with a PR stunt because she awakens her impending divorce out of Dre. Her lawyers assert she has done nothing wrong so far.

We have achieved to Nicole’s attorney again about law enforcement investigation… to date, no word backwards.

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