Who Is Lainey Wilson’s Sibling? She Dedicates A Song For Sister Janna!

lainey wilson siblings

Lainey Denay Wilson is an American singer-songwriter of country music. Wilson began performing at a young age before moving to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a country music career. Her debut album was published in 2014, followed by a second on the Lone Chief label in 2016.

Who Is Lainey Wilson’s Sibling?

lainey wilson siblings

Janna Wilson, the sibling of Lainey Wilson, is an entrepreneur and gifted fashion designer. According to her Instagram account, Janna is also engaged in farming.

Janna, who was born on October 26, 1991, is currently 31 years old. According to her date of birth, Wilson’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. Lainey and her sibling grew up in Baskin, Louisiana, a town of only 250 people where they were reared.

Janna and her sister Lainey appeared in the music video for the song “Cut-Off Jeans” by Frank Foster. The relationship between the siblings is evident on their social media profiles, and Lainey considers her older sibling to be her best companion.

Janna is also active on Instagram, where she frequently posts about her children, family, and daily life. She is also seen sharing harvest-time photographs from her farm.

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Taylor Sadler Is Married to Janna Wilson

lainey wilson siblings

Taylor Sadler, the spouse of Janna Wilson, is a professional rancher.

Taylor turns 32 on February 6 and his birthday is on that date. Wilson wishes her companion sweet captions and never misses an opportunity to express her gratitude for having him in her life.

Their wedding anniversary occurs on December 14 after eight years of marriage. Moreover, the couple has two children named Knox and Ledger from their union.

The firstborn child of Janna, Knox Gregory Wilson, was born in May 2019 and is now three years old. Ledger Wilson Sadler, her second son, was conceived on April 28, 2021, and is presently one year old.

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Lainey Wilson Composes a Song for Her Sister Janna

Lainey Wilson dedicated the composition “Two Storey House” to her sister Janna on National Sisters Day.

As a tribute to her older sister, the country vocalist stated on Instagram that it was one of the best songs she had ever written. The song reflects on the siblings’ childhood and how they pursued distinct goals as they grew up.

The song’s lyrics describe how Lainey and her sister shared a window and wished for the same constellations. The song also discusses how two children with identical upbringings end up on different pages as they pursue different careers.

The release date for Two Storey House is August 7, 2022.

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