Kylie Jenner’s Tie-Dye Birkin Really Sounds Like Bacon

Can We All Agree That Kylie Jenner’s New Birkin Looks Like Bacon?

Two Things That I Adore?

Breakfast foods as well as luxury products. However, that does not mean I am about a sausage Birkin. As tricky as its name sounds, I believe we could all concur that Kylie Jenner’s brand new tie-die Birkin bag–that was gifted or cost thousands of $$–seems much like bacon.

I am not even a KarJenner hater (for actual, a number of y’are covetous and it shows) so I personally I enjoy seeing what the women flaunt about the’Gram. I am nowhere near able to pay for some of those luxury clothes, bags and shoes that they have, so when I get a glance via the IG Story, I am grateful to see these items in all of their glory.

That stated, I feel as Kylie is obviously flaunting a fresh Birkin–that, in case you are not comfortable, would be that the iconic Hermes handbag made back 1984 from Jean-Louis Dumas. The tote is a star staple, and may cost anywhere between $12,000 and $500,000. Many folks spend their entire lives rescuing up only to receive one (also, you know, there is a hella long waitlist) however celebs like Kylie, Cardi B and also cosmetics mogul Jeffree Star boast enormous collections, together with bags in every color and fabric it is possible to imagine.

I love Jenner’s style flavor, but talking of”flavor,” we could agree it resembles a strip of bacon has been wrapped round the deal, right? RIGHT?! I meanI can not unsee it! I watched the photograph under posted for her Instagram Story last night and bacon fairly literally chased my dreams.

Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Instagram.

I figure the spiral position in the center reminds me of tie-dye, but honestly, that picked this colour scheme?! Jenner has numerous different Birkins, I wonder whether it is about getting the upcoming hot new layout compared to really enjoying the specific handbag’s aesthetic. Or, perhaps I am totally wrong and Stormi is moving through a bacon stage, also Mama Kylie attracts this tote, packed to the brim with bacon, if Stormi goes to a playdate.

No matter it is safe to mention my breakfast will be inspired~ from Jenner’s style choices. And Ky, even should you decide you are more than the bacon Birkin, then you are able to certainly ship my way. I will take what I could get.


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