Kurama’s death explained as per the Boruto Manga

Kurama’s death explained as per the Boruto Manga
Kurama’s death explained as per the Boruto Manga
ALERT: The following article contains spoilers from the Boruto manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Throughout the series of Naruto and Boruto, fans experienced many heart-wrenching moments when having to witness the deaths of their favorite characters. Each death may or may not have been predicted; however, it still causes sadness to develop amongst manga readers. One such death that caught fans off-guard was the death of Kurama.

In this article, we will discuss about the anime’s best duo “Naruto & Kurama” and Kurama Death in details. Can Kurama still be revived? Let’s find out.

Kurama’s role in the Manga series

Kurama was a nine-tailed beast holding the strongest powers and abilities. A tailed beast, in general, possessed more power compared to a regular human, and with Kurama being the strongest of them all, it was considered impossible to kill him. Naruto happened to share a very special bond with Kurama and it is said that the death of his dear friend would obviously affect him.

Kurama’s role in the Manga series
Naruto and Kurama

As many Manga plots usually show a character change due to the death of someone close to them, fans wonder if Naruto will be affected and change for the better or worse. They await what will happen, but are more curious about how Kurama died.

Throughout the series so far, there hasn’t been a scene that shows Kurama’s weak points, so readers thought that he might’ve been someone who could not die.

The plot of Boruto Manga

Boruto revolves around Naruto and Hinata’s oldest child, Boruto. The series depicts Boruto as the male lead who wants to become a shinobi like Naruto’s friend Sasuke. Whereas Sarada, the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura, aspires to become a Hokage just like Naruto.

The plot revolves around the journey of this duo joined by their leader Konohanaru and another very mysterious person, Mitsuki.

The plot of Boruto
Sarada Uchiha, Boruto Uzumaki and Mitsuki

The series shows Mitsuki to have a connection with Orochimaru. The relation was first shown as a father-son, but later on, it is revealed that Mitsuki was biologically engineered by Orochimaru using the embryo.

Overall, Boruto talks about the adventures the group has trying to achieve their goals by defeating villains all over the universe and protecting Konoha village.

How does Kurama die in Boruto Manga?

To save the Hidden Leaf Village and to defeat Ohtustsuki and Isshiki, Kurama and Naruto make use of the Baryan mode. However, this mode causes Kurama’s lifespan to deteriorate due to excessive use of chakra, instantly killing him. One chapter in the series shows Naruto talking to Kurama in his mind thinking that he has died.

Before the usage of the Baryan mode, Kurama did not tell Naruto that using it would kill him. This was because he feared Naruto wouldn’t go along with the plan to risk the life of his dear friend. After the duo successfully defeated the other duo, Kurama then told Naruto about the effect the mode caused on him.

How does Kurama die in Boruto Manga?
How Did Kurama (Nine-Tailed Beast) Die?

Kurama stayed in Naruto’s conscious to bid him farewell and asked him to speak one last time. But because Naruto could not believe his friend had died, he didn’t talk much. The only things he talked about were regarding their times spent together and how Kurama was like family to him. While trying to lighten the mood, Kurama tried to crack a joke but failed to do so due to Naruto being overwhelmed with sadness.

When the time came for Kurama to finally leave, he warned Naruto about something. He told him that Naruto would no longer be able to use his powers because if he did, he would end up joining Kurama in the afterlife.

Will Kurama come back to life soon?

Kurama’s dead is surely an unacceptable and emotional moment to all Naruto fans. Can Kurama come back again in Boruto?

According to the Boruto Manga Chapter 55, Kurama is dead in Boruto series. But the hard truth, Kurama can’t be revived from ten-tails or be revived either. It does hit hard to every anime fans.

If Masashi Kishimoto is plotting something that revives Kurama back, then the entire Naruto fans would be grateful to him. What are your thoughts? Is it possible to bring him back?

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