Kudos for glowing light on longterm maintenance openings

For-profit long-term-care houses once more viewing considerably worse results in Ontario’s next wave, Star evaluation uncovers, Nov. 13

Congratulations to the Toronto Star, since it is investigative journalism at its finest.

The Star was persistent in its coverage of this continuing catastrophe in long-term-care centers. Ed Tubb, Kenyon Wallace along with Marco Chown Oved have definitely summarized a Number of the Issues. The study on for-profit centers clearly shows seniors are put in a more risky place, however with this understanding that the Ford government is observing the growth of large associations.

COVID-19 has emphasized an issue that has been around for decades; the inhumane treatment of seniors at long-term-care centers in Ontario. We can not be surprised that placing profits before people leads to more deaths. Time to move from Ontario’s institutional version and create non-profit community options.

Our senior citizens deserve .

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