Kongsi Raya Ending Explained

Kongsi Raya Ending Explained

Directed by Teddy Chin, Kongsi Raya is a 2022 Malaysian comedy-drama movie which is distributed by GSC Movies. It stars Wilson Lee in the lead role while Qasrina Kareem, Harith Iskandar, Erra Fazira, and Chew Kin Waah provide the roles of the supporting cast.

The story revolves around a young couple Jack, who is a Chinese guy, and Sharifah who is from Malaysia. Jack is a chef by profession who works in a restaurant owned by his father. Meanwhile, Sharifah is a TV anchor for the broadcasting company that her father owns. Let’s discuss Kongsi Raya’s ending explained.

Kongsi Raya Ending Explained

Kongsi Raya Plot Summary

The movie begins with Jack and Sharifa sitting across for an interview about how they met each other. We start with the story of Jack who is a chef and works in the restaurant of his father. On the other hand, Sharifah is a food TV personality.

Both of them meet and fall in love together due to their shared passion. However, the obstacle that comes under their marriage is the approval of their respective fathers. Since they’re from different races, it is generally not considered to be married into a different race.

When Sharifa introduces this idea to her father, he immediately declines. Similarly, in the case of Jack, his father also says that they don’t want the presence of a woman from another race in their house. This enrages Jack and he storms out of the house and meets Sharifa.

To meet her, he disguises himself as a woman and introduces himself as Siti’s best friend to Sharifa. She tells them that she wants to marry someone like Jack and from that moment, Jack and Sharifa are planning to convince their parents to begin.

Who was Siti?

Jack got dressed up as a girl with the new identity of Siti who he told Sharifa’s family that was best friends with her. Sharifa introduces Siti to her father who now has a conversation. Meanwhile, Jack’s brother arrives at the scene with a bag of suitcases, and Sharifa’s father mistakes him for Jack.

Just as he’s about to hand over the bag to Siti, Jack kicks him and he gets down on the floor and hands over the ring to Siti. Siti then asks Sharifa if she would marry him and she says “Yes”. Thus secretly, they both get engaged.

Kongsi Raya Ending Explained

Kongsi Raya Ending Explained – Did Sharifa and Jack Get Married?

It is now both the responsibility of Jack and Sharifa to convince their parents to have them married. To get things done, they hold a cook-off between both fathers on live television so that both can understand the importance of their love.

Jack reveals his true identity to Rahim and he gets engaged. He locks Sharifa in the room and as a result, Sharifa’s mother has her heartbroken. Jack meets Sharifa’s mother and asks him to convince Sharifa’s father.

She gives him a delicious meal prepared by Jack and he gets impressed. Meanwhile, Sharifa goes to Jack’s father and speaks in Chinese. He realizes how much she respects his culture that she even went to the length of learning a new language.

Rahim also gets melted and finally gets convinced to have Jack marry Sharifa. However, when they go to Sharifa’s room, she’s not there. Sharifa rings the doorbell and arrives with Jack’s family. With both of their parents convinced, Sharifah and Jack get married and have three children.

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