Komi Can’t Communicate series to end on December 22 with 12th episode

The Komi Can’t Communicate (Komi-san wa Comyushou desu) anime, based on Kirioka’s manga, recently revealed the number of episodes for the serialisation of its first season. According to information shared by the official website, Komi Can’t Communicate will end in episode 12 on December 22.

As someone in charge of the production of the anime Komi Can’t Communicate, Akane Hirotaka shared a special illustration to celebrate the broadcast of episode 11. So far there is no information regarding the distribution of the DVD/BD package, so it is still unknown whether this adaptation will have an OVA project. Likewise with season 2 of the anime.

Komi Can't Communicate series ends on December 22 with 12th episode
Komi Can’t Communicate ends with 12th episode (Season 1)

Komi Can’t Communicate has been airing since October 7 and runs for 11 episodes, while the 12th episode will start airing next week. The Netflix platform is responsible for distribution for the western region.

Komi Can’t Communicate Final Episode

Tomohito Oda published the manga in Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in May 2016, right after the first publication of the one shot manga version in September 2015. Shogakukan published the manga’s 21st compiled book volume on May 18 and will publish the 22nd volume on August 18. Viz Media, the publisher in English, will publish the manga’s 13th volume on June 8. The manga has over 5.2 million copies in print.

This anime is also known as ‘Komi-san wa Comyushou desu’. The Komi-San anime will only have 12 episodes, but the manga includes 300 or more chapters.

Komi Can’t Communicate episode 12 will be the final for season 1 and we don’t have any information on Season 2. Anime lovers was expecting Season 2 and they shared in Reddit,

That’s kind of disheartening. Really hoping for a season 2. But this felt like it could of easily been a longer season, especially with all the manga they can source“.

“I wish it had 24 episodes. I’m gonna be left feeling empty again. I hope it gets a season 2 ASAP. Komi San is great”

I know that both the manga and the anime were really popular in the west, but if I remember corretly the manga wasnt that popular in japan.