Kitchen Hacks: Kitchen Hacks to Save Time, Get Organized, and Stay Calm

kitchen hacks

So perhaps you believe you have it figured out. With a spatula in one hand and two eggs in the other, you’re the MacGyver of the kitchen. The egg is cracked, separated, and dropped into the bowl with some shell still attached. What a terror! How do you behave?

Fortunately, we have an answer for your egg conundrum (see tip number 10), as well as quick answers for a tonne of other food preparation, cooking, and baking conundrums, from pitting a nectarine to softening butter quickly. Prepare to save money, save time, and never cry while chopping onions again because we’ve hacked your kitchen.

Kitchen Tips for Storing Food

kitchen hacks

Before cooking, cover potatoes in cold water if they are chopped or shredded to stop the potatoes from oxidizing and developing that disgusting grayish/brown color.

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Delay the Decaying

To prevent tomatoes from deteriorating as soon, store them from stem end down. This keeps moisture inside and the air outside of the scar left by the tomato’s former attachment to the vine.

Oh, and the recommendation to never keep a tomato in the refrigerator? Debunked! According to recent research, the taste and juiciness of tomatoes were not significantly impacted by whether they were stored on a countertop or in a refrigerator. Reliable Source

Increase the Longevity of Bananas

Wrapping the bunch’s end with plastic wrap will help keep the bananas fresher for longer. Separate each banana, if possible. Both strategies prevent ethylene gases from escaping from the stem, causing the fruit to mature too quickly.

Hasten Ripening

Using a paper bag, you may transform a banana from green to yellow or a peach from crunchy to luscious. Concentrated ethylene gas in the bag helps fruit mature more quickly after being placed inside.

Prevent Browning of Chopped Fruit.

Apple slices can appear appealing if a little lemon juice is added, as you’ve probably heard. Similar results can be obtained by mixing 1 part honey to 2 parts water to prevent fruit from browning.

Ever wonder why this is effective? The oxidation process that results in discoloration is slowed down by the citric acid, vitamin C, and protein in lemon juice as well as honey.

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Prevent the Hardening of Brown Sugar

kitchen hacks

The worst is when you attempt to prepare cookies and discover that your brown sugar has crystallized into crunchy chunks (or a single rock-hard candy mountain). Put some orange peel or an apple slice in an airtight jar with the brown sugar to keep it moist and scoopable.

Alternately, you can quickly repair the problem by microwaving brown sugar with a tiny glass of water. The block of sugar will be broken up with the help of the moisture the water discharged into the microwave.

 prevent Plastic Wrap Mishaps

Tired of fumbling with plastic wrap? To quickly and easily cover leftovers, store the roll in the refrigerator. The wrap’s stickiness is momentarily lessened by cooling it.

Be Inventive when Wrapping Food

Shower caps are renowned for being hair hacks, but their uses go beyond just protecting your luscious locks from the elements. To prevent airborne contaminants from causing food to spoil, cover leftovers with a fresh cap while they are still on their plates.

Shower caps are much simpler than continuously removing and replacing plastic wrap or tin foil because they are reusable. And when you see them in your fridge, you could find yourself giggling.

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Verify that The Eggs Are Still (amazingly) Edible.

Sometimes your nose won’t be able to inform you whether eggs are bad. Place a few raw eggs in a dish of cold water to find out. It’s okay if an egg sinks to the bottom. It’s past its prime if it floats.

Eggs contain a gas bubble inside that develops over time when the liquid inside evaporates through the porous shell. The older something is, the floatier it is. Keep potatoes white.

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