Kingdom Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch
Kingdom Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch

War hastens the growth and development of an individual and it’s certainly proving out to be true in this coalition war. Karin, the 2nd commander of Chu has laid down the plan for the battle of attrition. The battle is getting dragged each day with the only stalemate.

After the first day’s epic battle, things seem to have slowed down a bit. Shin is worried and so are other commanders of Qin as the unpredictability will determine their fates. Kingdom Season 3 Episode 9 will continue this epic war saga and give us more decisive moments.

The kingdom is an anime adaptation of a popular manga by the same name. It’s set in China’s Warren state period where seven states of China fought with each other for supremacy. The center of the story is Shin, the general from the Qin army who aspires to become the strongest general in all of China.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch
Kingdom Season 3 Episode 9

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date

The official Kingdom Season 3 Episode 9 Release date is scheduled for 31st May 2021. The title of the episode is “Meng Wu’s Declaration” and Taiji Kawanishi will be directing the episode. Here are the release dates for the next release from Kingdom.

  • Japan – 0:15 AM, June 1st
  • USA/Canada – 11:15 AM, May 31st
  • India – 8:45 PM, May 31st
  • UK – 4:15 PM, May 31st
  • Europe (CES) – 5:15 PM, May 31st

Where to Watch Kingdom Season 3 Episode 9

Funimation is streaming this season of Kingdom on their online platform. With its subscription, you will be able to watch the next episode of Kingdom.

What are Spoilers from Kingdom Season 3 Episode 9?

The next episode will likely adapt chapters 293 and 294 from the manga. Here are the key spoilers from it.


After Han’s army attacks Kankaku Pass with the poison arrows and barrel of poison, they immediately retreat. The commanders of Qin don’t understand the purpose and the stalemate continues. Each day passes with no real progression and things just go at a rather slower rate.

Coalition Army doesn’t suffer a single major loss after 1st day, meanwhile, Qin keeps on losing more men and this doesn’t help their cause. Finally, on the 15th day, something decisive happens.

Mobou’s Speech

Mobou’s Speech

All main armies of coalition groups move forward to engage in a battle against their counterparts. Zhao vs Duke Hyou, the Chu vs Tou, and Mobou respectively take place.

Meanwhile, some men at Mobou’s camp worry because their general didn’t lay down any strategy. Mobou goes on to deliver a thudding speech that ignites every single person in his army. They begin their advance and engage in a battle against the Chu army.

Quick Recap of Kingdom Season 3 Episode 8

After 1st day, things were moving slowly. Let’s see what happened in the last episode in this quick recap.

1st Day’s Report

Over at the Kanyou, the information regarding the first day gets delivered. Firstly they get informed about Kankoku Pass successfully holding up for the first day. After that, the messenger tells them about Tou’s victory over Chu’s general. Lastly about Shin’s win against Mangokou leaves Sei with a lot of joy.



After 1st general dies, Karin takes the command of remnants from the army and tells them to take the head of Tou. She has a plan to stall the fight for atleast 10 days and after that, they will deliver the definitive strike. On the 7th day, the Han army advances and storms arrows dipped in poison over at Kanki’s men.

What’s cooking in the camp of the Coalition army? Is Karin going to be the biggest thorn to the Qin? Let us know what you think down in the comments. For more updates and news, make sure to follow us on social media.

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