Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time
Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Based on the manga series of the same name, Kingdom is an ongoing anime series currently on its 3rd season. Set in the historical period of China’s Warring States, Kingdom is the story of Qin’s general Shin and King Sei’s adventures.

Sei as a king of Qin wants to unify all of China by defeating all of its states. To aid him in achieving his goal, Shin becomes his blade and promises him to become the greatest general in all of China. Kingdom follows the wars fought by Qin and how it came to supremacy in that period. Let’s talk about Kingdom season 3 episode 18 spoilers, release date, and time.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 17 Recap

In Kingdom season 3 episode 17 recap, having conquered Ryuudou, Riboku compliments Duke Hyou for achieving such feat. However, he explains that it won’t be him that he’ll be fighting. Houken arrives at the battlefield and prepares to fight Duke Hyou.

Gigantic Buffoon

With Houken’s arrival, the battlefield’s atmosphere changes. Houken introduces himself to Duke Hyou. He comments that Houken doesn’t give a single hint of general. Duke takes a stand against Houken and decides to fight him, meanwhile, he orders his other troops to go after Riboku.

The battle ensues and the first slash from Houken sends Duke Hyou flying. He slightly pierces through his shoulder. Duke Hyou exchanges some words with Riboku and then with Houken which slightly rattles him. This time, Duke delivers a blow to Houken which manages to push him away.

The Light That Burns

The Light That Burns

Shin finally reaches the battlefield but Duke orders him to go forward because it’s not his place to die. He then his attention to Houken and puts a heavy blow on him. Houken manages to cut his arm but Duke catches him off guard and begins to choke out his hand.

It doesn’t take long for Houken to come out of it and kill Duke. An emotional Shin marches forward but Heki pulls him and tells him to move forward as ordered by Duke. Riboku tells his troops to send the news of the Duke’s death to Kanyou.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 Spoilers

In Kingdom season 3 episode 18 spoilers, the news reaches the capital. Furthermore, they deliver the information regarding Duke Hyou’s death and Houken’s arrival. The riot has broken out in the capital after the latest news.

Plan to Assassinate

Shi informs Shobunkun that Ryufui’s men have gathered a group of assassins. More than likely, they are after the king. If Ryufui manages to slay the king and offer it to the coalition, he will be given a suitable position in the new government.

Shobunkun realizes that King has left his seat. Sei meets Shouhekun to discuss something. He tells him that there’s still a city of Sai that can be used to halt Riboku. He suggests that he will go to the city to rouse people and have them fight for Qin.

The King of Qin

The King of Qin

The news of Sei’s departure to Sai spreads in the court. Ryufui asks Shouhekun whether he gave any advice to Sei while they talked. Shouhekun replies that anything apart from ongoing war is inconsequential.

Meanwhile, the Shin unit finally arrives at the city of Sai fully exhausted. However, once they see the face of Sei, they get their morale back.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 Watch Online

Kingdom season 3 episode 18 is available to watch online on Netflix. You can subscribe to it and stream the episode.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 Release Date and Time

Here is Kingdom season 3 episode 18 release date and time.

  • Japan – 0:15 AM, August 23rd
  • USA/Canada – 11:15 AM, August 23rd
  • India – 8:45 PM, August 23rd
  • UK – 4:15 PM, August 23rd
  • Europe (CES) – 5:15 PM, August 23rd

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