Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers, Preview, Release Date, and Time

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers, Preview, Release Date, and Time
Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers, Preview, Release Date, and Time

Based on the manga series of the same name, Kingdom is an ongoing anime series currently in its third season. It centers on Shin, an orphaned slave who finds himself in the army of Qin serving its king Sei. Shin and Sei form a brotherly bond and set out to achieve their respective goals.

Shin desires to become the greatest general in China while Sei wants to unite all of China. With each excruciating battle, they get close to their goals. Let’s take a look at Kingdom season 3 episode 13 spoilers, preview, release date, and time.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers, Preview, Release Date, and Time

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

In Kingdom Season 3 Episode 12 recap, Sei receives the report from ongoing occurrences in the battle. A fire has been lit on the Kankoku Pass. Furthermore, it seems like they’ve lost contact with Ousen. With the background he has, he might as well have fled from the battle.

Ordo is an Idiot

We learn that Ousen has withdrawn the heart of his camp. This has allowed Ordo to march forward. Ordo who is from the plains has an amusing understanding of mountains. So much that he has countless mountain tribes follow him even though he’s from the plains.

He comes to the giant cliff beyond which lies the back of Kankoku Pass. However, Ousen catches him off guard. Ousen had never moved and made Ordo think he had the upper hand. His men start firing arrows which kills all the core members of Ordo’s army. He suffered heavy casualties on his side.

Ordo is an Idiot

Karin Makes a Move

The situation at Tou’s camp keeps getting tense with each minute. Mouten is exhausted but Tou arrives to take his position. Meanwhile, at Karin’s camp, she assigns Yoku 5000 men and asks him to take down Tou. He begins marching towards Tou and they clash the swords.

On the other hand, Karin gets in her gear and begins to move forward towards Ryusen’s unit. She’s about to attack the square formation protecting Tou and his HQ. However, to her surprise, Roukomi and Kanou are still alive and headed for her.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers

In Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers, Karin realizes the two men of Qin she thought were dead had returned. However, she’s not much worried. Karin decides to go to an interesting place on the battlefield.

Mobou’s Charge

After launching the first wave, Mobou launches the second wave of Echelon. But for this time, he concentrates more on the left and right edges of the Kanmei army. This was a plan decided by Shouhekun. He asked Mobou to deploy his troops in a such manner.

Since he weakened the left and right edges of the army, Kanmei sent his reinforcement to strengthen those ends. However, this left him open to Mobou’s attack. Mobou with his 5000 men straight away charges towards Kanmei, taking down enemies in his path with brute force.

Kanmei vs Moubou

Kanmei vs Moubou

Mobou’s troops finish off the best Calvary unit of Kanmei and they charge straight for the head of Kanmei. All his troops from Echelon rejoice upon seeing his return to the battlefield. Karim spots this and still keeps on moving towards Moubu.

This catches both Mouten and Ouhon’s attention and they chase her. Kanmei finally decides to take the battlefield. His men shout loud of his name, quoting him as the strongest. Kanmei goes on to destroy tens of men with his weapon. He challenges Moubu to a fight to decide who is the strongest man in China.

Watch Online Kingdom  Season 3 Episode 13

Watch online Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13 on Netflix. It’s not yet available on other platforms but after this season ends, you may be able to stream it on them.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13 Release Date and Time

Here is Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13 Release Date and Time.

  • Japan – 0:15 AM, June 28th
  • USA/Canada – 11:15 AM, June 28th
  • India – 8:45 PM, June 28th
  • UK – 4:15 PM, June 28th
  • Europe (CES) – 5:15 PM, June 28th

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