King Von Plays Down Steak w/ NBA YoungBoy: It is The Web

King Von Plays Down Beef w/ NBA YoungBoy: It's The Internet

King Von along with NBA Youngboy’s steak has generated headlines before, however Von states that the beef is not a huge deal — NBA are ok.

He explained their problems have been blown out of proportion:

“They’re saying that a good deal,” he advised DJ Akademiks. “It is like, we have exactly the exact problems and hoes and you understand the way the web will attempt to make it”


Von states the beef isn’t over girls either.

“Nah it is the web, gang. They will attempt to create it just like that’cause it is the world wide web, you believe exactly what I am saying? And after that you understand how females would be,” he clarified. “girls will attempt to make it similar to that’cause they guys and they will attempt to create it like a single muthaf*cka f*ck with a single muthaf*cka tough. It be only all kind of sh*t. However, it ai not nothing true, nothing you ought to be worried about.”

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